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We specialize in investment advisory business, introducing offshore funds directly to high-net-worth individuals in Japan. We are the largest class investment advisory company dedicated to offshore funds. (Accumulated total amount of investment advisory agreements JPY87.74 billion) Kanto Local Financial Bureau (FIEA # 532)

Note: The above amount of JPY87.74 billion is the cumulative amount between June 2008-end September 2013. Converted to JPY upon execution of investment. Cumulative investment amount during total saving period in case of long term saving investments.

Hedgefund Direct (HFD) is a member of Ayumi Trust Group, which operates business globally in the field of Fin Tech, a line of business based on using software to provide financial services. Ayumi Trust Group owns YUCASEE, Japan's largest online exclusive community for high-net-worth individuals, whose eligibility for membership is possession of over JPY 100 million in net financial asset value.

HFD provides investment advisory service and support relating to offshore funds, which are not sold in Japan, mainly to high-net-worth individuals. HFD's clients do not deposit their asset to HFD but directly invest in the funds managed by overseas fund management companies.

HFD is not a broker and thus, we do not receive any fees from fund management companies.

Our business model is structured in such a way that HFD collects fee from individual clients based on their investments. We are an agent who completely stands on the side of the high-net-worth individuals.

From fund management companies' standpoint, diversifying the fund source in their fund is imperative. Long term individual investors in Japan, which is an advanced country with JPY 1500 trillion of total individual financial assets, cannot be ignored as one of the source of funds.

In general, in order for an overseas fund management company to solicit Japanese individual clients, the company has to be registered in Japan and consign sales of the fund to a Japanese securities company (broker). However, this gives the overseas fund management company major challenges and therefore, it is not working very well. The reasons are as follows,

1)*Major securities companies in Japan tend to trade the funds in a short cycle with an aim to gain initial fees. Therefore, from overseas fund companies' perspective, they do not provide long term and stable source of fund flow. For example, even if an overseas fund company sets up a domestic investment trust and consign its sales activities to a domestic securities company, while the fund balance may rapidly increases immediately after formation of the fund, there are many cases where the balance goes down to nearly none after two years.

2)*It requires extensive time and costs to register overseas funds in Japan.

3)*As hedge funds do not fit well into Japanese law and regulation, some may not even get regulated at all.

Because of the regulations and distribution environment, your excellent funds had not been adequately introduced to Japanese clients for a long period of time.

As such, HFD solved this issue by developing a business scheme which allows individual clients to invest directly to offshore funds without solicitation of HFD or overseas fund companies.

The direct investment scheme that creates a win-win situation for both overseas funds and Japanese high-net-worth individuals received a good reputation from many high-profile management companies and Japanese clients. HFD has been out to disrupt Japanese financial industry.

As a result, HFD has become the largest investment advisory company dedicated to offshore funds in Japan (Cumulative investment advisory contract amount JPY 87.74 billion) Kanto Local Financial Bureau (FIEA # 532)

The Funds offered in Japan account for only 6% of those offered in the World. This is a big "Opportunity Loss".
HFD will globalize Japanese Individual Investors by supporting Direct Investments in carefully selected Offshore Funds.

Over more than 8 years, we have been closely negotiating with regulators and established solid operations. It is difficult for other firms to put similar model into practice even though they understand the concept of our business.

- Is this suitable for long term investment (Track record of past 10 years and its reproducibility)
- Any awards received?

Please contact us if you are interesting in adding your offshore funds in HFD advisory.

Ayumi Trust Group was founded in 2005 as a global company in the field of "IT x Finance x High-net-worth individuals". Under holding company Ayumi Trust Holdings, there are a total of 2 financial service companies in Japan and overseas and one media business company in Japan. We developed group company-wide "High-net-worth individual curation platform".

After graduating from Tokyo University, Soichiro joined Mitsui & Co.. in charge of overseas investment/ information industry business. In 2005, he founded Ayumi Trust Holdings. President/CEO of Ayumi Trust Group companies. Part time lecturer of Kyushu Univ. (on Entrepreneurship).
Author of "Why do High-net-worth individuals join YUCASEE?" (Gentosha).
Ayumi Trust Group president official blog: http://blog.stakaoka.com/

Graduated from Tokyo University. Assumed key posts in securities firms including executive managing director of Nikko Securities. Former member of Business Accounting Council and Committee, Financial System Research and Commodity Trading Council.
Joined Ayumi Trust Group in 2014.

Assumed key posts, such as Fund Manager, Investment Planning General Manager, Deputy Head of Business Planning Division and Sales Administrative Department Director in AXA Life Insurance Co .,Ltd (former Nippon Dantai Life Insurance Co., Ltd)

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